LYMIA stands for Love Ya. Mean It! Always. It is a phrase that began in Amber’s YouTube videos to signify her love for her followers and customers, and has become a sign of friendship and loyalty among the everyone who knows our brand. LYMIA’s attention to detail, 5-Star customer service, and edgy look make LYMIA one of the fastest growing luxury brands in the Leather Bags and Accessories market.

The space where womanhood and motherhood intersect is joyful and sometimes confusing. As your children transition out of the time of their lives where they need you constantly, and you forge a new identity that blends who you were before motherhood with who you are now, it’s easy to begin to feel lost.

It doesn’t help that there are very few spaces out there that acknowledge the disorienting phase of this transition. That’s why I started LYMIA BRAND. I wanted to create a space that acknowledges, honors, and appreciates the woman you are becoming through the transition. Every detail of our brand is focused on standing beside you as you find the new you - the one who has one foot in the diaper bag world and the other foot in the designer handbag world. You’re bridging the gap, and that gap is where we live.

Amber Wardell, Ph.D. is the founder/CEO of and She holds here Doctorate in Cognitive Psychology, is a published author, designer, and social media influencer with a passion for inspiring women and advocating for social causes close to her heart.

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