What's With the Flamingo?

Behold, the flamingo. A beautiful creature on her own, but there is something extra special about her when she becomes a mom. It is said that flamingo mothers lose their beautiful pink color as they raise their babies due to all the energy they put into caring for their little ones. Gradually, as their little ones grow, they become less and less pink.

As human moms, especially when our children are very small, it sometimes feels like we are beginning to lose our color, too. We feel the hues that made us special begin to disappear as we morph into a very fulfilled but slightly less sparkly version of our old selves. We love being a mom, but sometimes we miss who we used to be.

The beautiful thing about the flamingo is that, as her babies become less needy and her energy restores, her beautiful pink color comes back. Thankfully, so will ours. LYMIA BRAND exists because we so desperately understand the grief of losing our color, and the excitement of seeing it coming back. No matter what stage you are in, or the color of our plumage, we see you. Our hope is that our well-designed line of transition bags will see you through the stages with grace and ease, as we honor who you were, who you are now, and who you are becoming.